Environmentalism And Subduing The Earth

The Earth is a beautiful place.

Being in the military, my family has moved quite a few times. On these travels, I have enjoyed looking around and observing the beauty of nature in the states through which we drove. I will never forget the calm and stunning peace of the hills in Wyoming!

One thing I have come to particularly notice in these travels is the distraction of sterile plastic products lying in the grass on the side of the road. When I see them, I am horrified by the fact that these unnatural things will never “disappear”. I presume some chips company will be forever remembered on those monuments that are caught in the brush.

Lately, I have been reminded about related issues. I have learned about the affect mining has on ecosystems,  the effect pollution has on life, and, quite horribly, the effect of an oil spill on the ocean. I have begun to wish things were different and that our surroundings would look free, pure and green again.

In saying this, I sound like an environmentalist. However, I will clearly state that I do not agree with a certain breed of environmentalist. I am speaking of those who allow their nostalgia to drive them to the conclusion that Homo Sapiens is Nature’s worst curse to Planet Earth.

Actually, as a Christian, I do believe those words to a certain degree:

If Adam and Eve did not eat the apple…


However, we must remember that the earth was not entrusted to the trees, or to mountains, or any endangered species. God did not tell the gorillas to subdue the earth; He only said for them to fill it.

It was to Man that He gave this charge. It was Man that must find ways to use and shape Nature’s materials of wood, stone and iron. It was Man that must learn to work with Nature’s seasons through farming. Man was supposed to tend the Garden that God created. He still is given this command.

If sons are taking care of the land owned by their father, and have come to the realization that they have been destroying it, is it right that they should destroy themselves for the health of that land? Rather, they should destroy their bad habits, and improve themselves, that they may take better care of the land.

No, our goal is not to make Man disappear, but to use our gift of intelligence to find those chemicals, systems, and methods that best work in harmony with the natural processes and rhythms of the Earth.

Let’s think positively: we have cut down on air pollution, our tools and vehicles are becoming more fuel efficient, and we are coming up with great biodegradable materials to tap into Earth’s natural method to clean up refuse. We are coming up with many great solutions that help the environment!

Because we are human beings, I think we will find more.

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